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Whether we’re talking about your digital marketing and branding initiatives or the online health journeys of your consumers, your website is — or should be — at the center of it all. Healthgrades’ Website Solutions allow users to create sophisticated hospital websites, landing pages, microsites, and responsive mobile sites with an intuitive authoring and editing platform that, once set up, anyone on the team can use − no coding knowledge required.

Maximize results with CRM integration

With Healthgrades, your website is ready to integrate with a host of digital solutions, like your CRM system, helping you personalize experiences and measure ROI from impress to encounter. Driven by data and enhanced with web, you’ll be able to deliver more complete healthcare experiences across any device.

With decades of experience collecting insights from health consumer search data and building award-winning healthcare websites, Healthgrades is your partner for scalable, connected digital experiences that convert.

Utilize healthcare-specific features

Each of our healthcare-specific web components is designed to enhance the website experience for patients and new visitors alike, getting them to the information they need faster and therefore increasing the likelihood of conversion. Our proprietary components include a Doctor Finder, Location Finder, Classes & Events module, and a Blog & News option, giving consumers the ability to discover your physicians on an interactive map with location-specific content.

Better yet, these web components all integrate with Healthgrades CRM and other solutions such as marketing automation, analytics and insights, and online appointment scheduling to capture the data you need to make strategically informed marketing decisions.

Doctor Finder

Our Doctor Finder Component is the result of countless hours spent studying search behavior and data collected from the nation’s most visited Physician Search platform,

  • Full, suggestive doctor search Interactive list and map-based search results view

  • Full filtering capabilities based on profile data

  • Multi-sourced doctor data with robust data models

  • Robust analytics tracking for all event behavior

Location Finder

Shared taxonomies are built between Location and Services pages to provide a more useful search filtering experience. Users can be located through GPS or IP, creating a location-specific content relationship.

  • Auto-detect location through GPS or IP

  • Location-specific content relationship

  • Filtering by location type & services

  • Google Maps suggestive search

  • Custom map pins and modal display

  • Displaying “Doctors at this location”

Classes & Events

Searching for classes and events is simple, and relevant events are automatically populated elsewhere on the site based on the viewed content. Third party integration is also available.

  • Mobile-first, user-tested User Interface

  • Several dynamic filtering and search options

  • Events can be displayed on related content pages throughout the website

  • Paid and free classes available

Blog & News

Easily associates blog articles with other content across the site and extends reach to other sites and applications.

  • Robust filtering and categorization filters

  • Content can be shared across the website and extended to other sites and apps

  • Both photos and videos supported as “featured image”

  • Unified tagging and taxonomy system

  • Site search capable


Specific pieces of content on a page can be substituted, based on data from an incoming user. This includes the ability to dynamically change imagery, headlines, body content, calls-to-action, or displayed phone numbers to better direct users.

  • Session-based personalization

  • Pre-built configurations

  • Incoming-channel personalization

  • Dynamically changing content

Optimize performance and conversions

Derive actionable insights about consumer content preferences and conversion performance to improve your content strategy and marketing in real-time.

Options that meet your needs

If you face technical or policy restraints that dictate one solution over the other, Healthgrades is able to provide a product that fits. We offer both open-sourced and licensed CMS options so you can have a website that suits your needs.

Not sure which CMS is right for you? Our team is adept at providing recommendations based on your business goals and website requirements.

Outrank your competition with strategic services

Create websites that convert consumers into loyal patients with Healthgrades’ Web Strategy and Design Services. Driven by purpose, our process is designed to achieve pivotal stakeholder feedback and agreement at key milestones throughout the project.

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What makes Healthgrades the best hospital website solution?

  • We’ve built more hospital websites than any other company out there, and offer the strategy and design services to support your investment

  • Faster deployment times mean you can start seeing improvements in areas such as search ranking and consumer experience sooner

  • Marketers can launch and scale mobile-optimized experiences without an overdependence on IT

  • Enjoy the simplicity of customized workflows, compliance control, managing a variety of digital assets, launching A/B testing and personalized experiences, and measuring results all from one dashboard

  • Trust our cloud-hosted, stable, scalable architecture that exceeds industry standards for security and offers easy API integrations and platform agnostic content delivery

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