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Convenient access means online access

In an increasingly digital world, convenient access has become synonymous with online access. On-demand scheduling on your digital properties and ours encourages consumers to make a decision and choose you over a less convenient competitor.

  • 81% of consumers want to book online
  • 60% of self-scheduling occurs outside office hours

Online Appointment Scheduling saves time and money

Increase access. Give consumers the 24/7 access they demand with real-time scheduling on and your digital properties.

Boost efficiency. Every online appointment made saves an average 8.1 minutes of your staff’s time.

Cut no-shows. Generating automated email and text-message reminders can cut no-shows by as much as 25%.

Make it easier for office staff to book the right appointments

When you choose Healthgrades Online Appointment Scheduling, you gain access to powerful tools like calendar rules, which give you configurable control of online scheduling so that you can follow your provider’s current calendar rules and ensure the right patients are booking the right appointments. For example, offer a set number of new appointments per week or direct certain specialties to the call center for a more complex decision tree.

Plus, you can understand exactly how the program impacts your strategic growth goals with at-a-glance Key Performance Indicators or detailed trend comparisons.

Activate on-demand scheduling and make more connections around the clock.

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