Alleviate the burden of claiming and maintaining accurate data

New patient access and patient loyalty depend on your brand’s ability to compete in “near me” search moments. Our Healthcare Directory Listings Management solution addresses online local listings for providers, hospitals, and other healthcare locations.

With our turnkey managed service, we go well beyond our competitors to understand your goals for new patients, key service-line growth, and physician satisfaction and fine-tune our strategy to drive business results. Monitor our team's progress over time with custom dashboards and analytics that measure your online visibility and accuracy.

Claim & cleanse directory listings

Our team claims, cleanses, and maintains online listings for all your providers and locations — spanning local, national, and healthcare-specific directories. Plus, our Google search experts maintain accurate hours, phone numbers, and driving directions for all your providers and locations in Google Search and Maps to improve your search rankings. Our solution goes one step further to add photos and content consumers value most when choosing a healthcare provider.

Automate distribution of listings

To ensure high visibility and accuracy, our solution automatically distributes your updated provider and location data across the entire search ecosystem, freeing up time you would have spent manually updating individual listings every time you have a change.

Prove your success with dashboards & analytics

Track your listing presence and accuracy directly in our platform with dashboards and analytics. Gather key metrics such as how often and accurately your location data appears in search results. Then, once you improve visibility, ensure your listings are being discovered by your desired audience. And, finally, build on your successes to improve click-throughs, and measure progress over time.

We have seen significant results in both listings accuracy and visibility - after just one month. I consider a local listings management program an integral component of a digital marketing strategy.

Cathy Miles

Senior Consultant, Carilion Clinic

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