Attribute real outcomes to your marketing efforts

Fueled by your financial and patient encounter data, demographic data from Healthgrades, and marketing campaign data recorded in Healthgrades CRM, these intuitive dashboards present the fullest picture of what’s happening within your organization. Tailored to different roles, each dashboard displays objective measures that are relevant to your goals and key to proving your impact, such as:

  • Performance and contribution by channel
  • Which channels and pathways are most effective in driving conversions
  • The types of visits that meet the campaign’s objective

Dashboard: Marketing KPI

A high-level overview of how marketing efforts are performing, designed for marketing managers and executives. This dashboard allows users to quickly evaluate the financial success and reach of every campaign launched from Healthgrades CRM.

Dashboard: Hospital KPI

For the executive charged with managing the benefits gained from all service-line marketing efforts, the Hospital KPI dashboard offers health system patient and encounter data organized to make it easy to identify your top-value service lines, most common payors, and areas of greatest success in acquiring new patients.

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