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Healthgrades Customer Data Platform (CDP) is built to scale, specifically for today’s healthcare challenges. Healthcare providers are still wrestling with the fact that customer data exists in multiple places, and the situation is only getting worse with the internet of things (IoT) and the sheer amount of new customer data being created daily. No matter the data format or volume, the CDP’s big data architecture addresses the needs of large health systems with hundreds of millions of records.

Accelerate digital transformation with rapid integration

Unlike clinical environments, martech stacks are always changing. With close to 7,000 marketing tools available, your marketing team needs the flexibility to choose and connect any best-of-breed solution, instantly. Healthgrades offers a growing library of pre-built connectors, or APIs, to facilitate low-cost, low-complexity integration and near real-time data sharing with common CRM, CMS, and marketing automation platforms, in addition to EHR and accounting systems to help you collect and interpret all your prospect and patient data.

Uncover hidden market opportunities with AI-powered customer intelligence

Healthgrades’ CDP places actionable intelligence directly in the hands of marketers and teams across the enterprise to inform strategic decisions and enhance targeting accuracy. Purpose-built for healthcare, it applies cutting-edge data science techniques, including deep learning and probabilistic inference, to ensure crucial insights rise to the top. Predictive analytics and propensity models help you easily understand how consumer demographics, real-time behaviors, and social determinants of health impact medical need, likelihood to respond, preferred channel, and more. Data enrichment is ongoing to ensure you're always working with the latest information.

Enhance the entire consumer experience, enterprise-wide

Done right, personalization transforms a generic healthcare experience into one that makes prospects and patients feel safe, valued, motivated, and loyal to your brand. The CDP’s proprietary person-matching system unifies known and anonymous profiles once a person uniquely identifies themselves. Give teams across the enterprise role-based access to a comprehensive, up-to-date, centrally-accessible consumer profile with the CDP. Make it easy for marketers, contact center agents, schedulers, registrars, and others to stay in tune with individuals’ needs and delight consumers at each touchpoint.

Access and visualize your data, whatever the use case

We know you’re constantly innovating, and there’s no way we can anticipate all the ways you’ll ultimately want to use your customer data to positively impact healthcare outcomes and consumer experiences. No matter the use case, system, or tool, we give you the flexibility to interact with your data whenever, and however, you want. We provide full API access to export data through standard tools such as Tableau and Microsoft Excel and allow your authorized users and systems to surface data in any of your existing or future applications.

Protect electronic personal health information

Healthgrades’ CDP treats all data, including that collected online via landing pages or web forms, as electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). The system gathers, stores, and transmits all ePHI with the rigorous security protocols expected by consumers and required by law.

What Makes Healthgrades the best CDP solution for healthcare?

  • We’re the first healthcare-specific customer data platform, and we bring decades of experience solving healthcare data challenges with us

  • Master data management capabilities offer you a single source of healthcare consumer data truth

  • Unify known and unknown individual profiles for a historical, relevant 360-degree view of consumers that can be activated across the enterprise

  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, consumer engagement programs, and more with advanced customer analytics and targeting

  • Depend on our secure, scalable platform to drive business results now and into the future


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