The Secret Sauce of a Successful CRM Implementation

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08/20/2018 in Blog

This blog is brought to you by Healthgrades' partners:

Christine Albert, MPP, APR, is the Vice President of Marketing at LCMC Health.  Christine led the selection and implementation of the system’s first CRM system with Healthgrades and the system’s ongoing CRM and MA strategy. LCMC Health has been a Healthgrades client since 2016 and utilizes Healthgrades CRM platform as the foundation of marketing initiatives. 

Peggy Cummings is Director of System Marketing at Bon Secours Health System in Richmond, Virginia.  

There is no one recipe for success when it comes to CRM selection and implementation.  Like any good cook will tell you, the recipe serves as a guide and is open to interpretation once you have the primary ingredients.

The Ingredients for Success

For CRM, data are the ingredients to success.  Today’s marketing professional is an analyst, leveraging data and research to develop strategic, measurable marketing initiatives. A CRM system allows marketing teams to transform every facet of their function--using data and insights to drive strategy, and impactful, quantifiable results with a consumer-centric focus.

Seeing the value is easy for Marketing professionals, but how do you sell the C-Suite on an investment in CRM?

Planning and Prepping - Intelligence Gathering

Getting to “yes” requires planning, preparation and “tastings” to get feedback.  This includes a deep understanding of marketing operations, budgets and current measurement (or lack thereof) to be communicated with decision-makers. 

I’ll have the Special, Please

In the case of Bon Secours, the compelling evidence for ROI was found in a single statement; a projection of 27,000 incremental new patients worth an estimated $35 million to the organization!

Cooks in the Kitchen

Assembling the right cooks in the CRM kitchen is essential. It’s best to build the team based on competency, not on the job title. Who has the knowledge, ability, and willingness to become an expert in CRM and fully utilize the platform to help achieve the organization’s goals?  These people typically break down into three main categories:

1.     Work Group: Responsible for the day-to-day work and tactics. Includes: Marketing project leader, Healthgrades Team, IT lead, Rev Cycle lead, employed practice leadership

2.     Decision Makers: Review and approve the methodology for measuring financial and operational ROI.   Includes: System/Hospital CFO, Revenue Cycle Executive, Marketing Executive

3.     Stakeholders: Group to be kept informed of progress throughout. Includes: executive team leadership, marketing teams, employed practices

Rounding out our kitchen is the Healthgrades CRM team that includes project managers and a data engineer. 

Win Some, Learn Some

Each CRM build is different; however, there are a few key issues to be aware of prior to starting the implementation process.

·      Competing organizational priorities: Ensure that there is clear communication with the team around expectations and time commitments.

·      Disparate data sources: If your organization has a variety of accounting, revenue cycle sources, or EHRs, this can add complexity.

·      Don’t underestimate the culture change involved in a CRM implementation and the time it will take to get the team comfortable

·      Credibility: Marketing will need to speak the language of finance and IT, so an understanding of these functions is imperative.

Communicating Value

To make sure that you are effectively communicating the value of your CRM investment, think about reporting for leadership and marketing teams early on. Ask stakeholders and decision makers what their needs are, and help make their jobs easier by delivering clear, succinct reports that align to those priorities. The CRM system can be used immediately, even during implementation, so you can begin to access list pulls and other valuable capabilities right away.

Finally, report on initiatives frequently and collaborate with service line, physician or executive partners to make sure everyone is a part of the process and aligned to a common goal.

With the right cooks and the right recipe guiding you to the right ingredients, you can enjoy CRM system success!