Surgeon or Sturgeon? Why Finding the Right Doctor Really Matters

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06/27/2018 in Blog

At HealthShare Symposium 2018, a host of renowned speakers in the industry discussed the most prevalent issues and trends impacting the industry, such as legislative reform, the patient experience, preventative medicine, and consumerism.  Read the HealthShare Symposium 2018 recap.

Roger Holstein, Healthgrades Board of Directors and Managing Director at Vestar Capital Partner, spoke to the audience about why finding the right doctor really matters.  

Holstein shared a personal story about a misdiagnosis that led to a potentially preventable death in his family. He then explored ways to use data to help family and friends find the right doctor, the right hospital, and the right care.

The way consumers access content and the transparency of that content in online marketplaces has fundamentally changed. Consumers now understand that they have unwittingly traded personal information, such as preferences, to access these marketplaces. Now that they are aware of the give and take, consumers must feel like they are getting equal information in return for their sacrificed privacy. To earn consumer trust and inform decision-making, healthcare must provide true transparency and value like other online marketplaces -- for example, or

Leveraging his personal experience with misdiagnosis and his professional experience as the former CEO of Healthgrades, Holstein emphasized the value of transparency in healthcare and empowering consumers. He closed his presentation with four recommendations for health systems to improve transparency. 

Watch his presentation here.