Poll: What Challenges Are Healthcare Marketers Facing in 2018?

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07/11/2018 in Blog

At HealthShare Symposium 2018, leaders from the nation’s top health systems came together to share ideas, advance healthcare innovation, and discuss the latest issues and trends impacting the industry. During the event, attendees took part in a poll that asked questions about complex challenges in healthcare marketing.

A few common themes were confirmed from the results.  Physician alignment with marketing is an issue for health systems that are focused on building more meaningful relationships with consumers.  In addition, social media has significantly disrupted the way consumers validate healthcare concerns and research or select a provider.  Because of these rapid advancements in technology and media, the need for a robust digital presence, data-driven strategies, and online tools that enhance the patient experience have never been greater.  

The complete poll can be found below.  Answers with the highest number of responses are in bold.  

  1. What change over the last 5 years has had the biggest impact on your system?

    1. Aging population

    2. Changes in the insurance market

    3. Health system consolidation

    4. Proliferation of urgent care

  1. What change in consumer behavior has forced the biggest change for you in your marketing efforts over the last 5 years?

    1. Decline in TV viewership

    2. Decline in local newspapers

    3. Increased use of social media

    4. Consumer self-advocacy

  1. What is the biggest daily challenge you face as a marketer?

    1. Not enough hours in the day

    2. Not enough money to do everything I want to do

    3. Hard to get decisions approved

    4. Consumer expectations are changing faster than we can keep up

  1. What is the primary barrier to your system building more meaningful relationships with consumers?

    1. Consumers aren’t truly engaged in their health

    2. Doctors aren’t interested in participating

    3. Technology gap makes it infeasible (e.g., no system-wide EMR)

    4. Lake of management buy-in

  1. What’s the biggest change in consumer expectations you have seen since the explosion of services like Uber, AirBnB, Amazon Prime, etc.?

    1. Demand for online appointment scheduling

    2. Desire for patient ratings, comments, reviews of physicians

    3. Patients more apt to change doctors if they can’t get immediate appointments

    4. Increase in patients seeking second opinions

  1. If you had access to one new data set to evolve your marketing strategies, what would you use?

    1. Consumer lifestyle data

    2. Consumer financial/wealth data

    3. Online search data

    4. Self-reported interests data

    5. Media channel preference data