One Simple Trick to Increase Traffic to your Hospital Website

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05/23/2019 in Blog

Who knew that hotels held the secret to your hospital website traffic problems? Have you ever logged into a hotel's free Wi-Fi, only to be redirected to their home page?

These days practically every hotel uses this trick, and that's because it makes sense — while you have your guests using your free internet, why not use the opportunity to drive them to an awesomely optimized landing page? It's a simple tactic, and if you implement it the right way, you can see real results.

The opportunity
Positioning a landing page optimized for users that you know are inside your facility at that very moment as the default welcome mat for all free Wi-Fi visitors is an easy way to boost to traffic numbers, but that's just the beginning.

As patients increasingly engage with healthcare consumerism strategies, these same visitors can be a source of valuable information in making sure you maximize ROI on your website investment. For example, they can be front-line testers of things like a new layout or the appeal of a chatbot service.

If you've invested in upgrading your physician profiles, this is a great chance to push your “find a doc" services in front of visitor eyes. You can even test appointment scheduling services, new bill pay options and payment estimators, promote community health events, and raise awareness of online education offerings.

Your options are wide open, so make sure you're using your Wi-Fi visits to their fullest potential.

The techniques
Keep in mind that getting visitors to your site is just the beginning. Make sure you're not wasting valuable clicks on a site that's not optimized to make the most of their visit. Here are a few guidelines.

Keep your message clear.
You're dedicated to your patients and their well-being. Make sure they know you're a trusted partner in their health goals by leveraging your homepage as a primary vehicle of your brand messaging. Remember that Wi-Fi connections are a rare chance to give site visitors the full, immersive online and physical hospital brand experience, so make the most of it.

Beef up your visuals.
A great visual user experience is basically a requirement these days, and hospitals are no exception. If you look to hotel sites you'll notice vibrant colors, professional photography, and images that reflect the ideal experience of their visitors. A hospital website should be no different.

Use welcoming images that encourage engagement and stay away from photos that look too “stocky" or unnecessarily serious.

Clean up your navigation.
While your visitors might be sitting and waiting, that's no reason to subject them to clumsy navigation. Use a flat architecture that minimizes clicks and keeps main navigation in an easily identifiable location on the page.

Watch how your visitors move through the site and prioritize the most popular links — do they immediately swing by your services section, land on your patients page, or are they running to read more about your innovative physicians?

Keep in mind that most Wi-Fi visitors are on mobile devices, so pay attention to responsive design and optimize for mobile.

Put those CTAs to work.
If you're trying to increase signups for your patient portal or boost engagement of a great new branded video, this is the place to make sure they get attention.

Don't neglect traditional staples like signing up for your newsletter or even bragging about results of a stand-out program or HCAHPS survey results. Use clear language, bold colors and buttons, and A/B test visual cues. You might even use the opportunity to ask for a review.

The process
As beautiful as your site might be now, remember that connecting with your Wi-Fi visitors is an ongoing process and should be a priority for successful hospital marketing departments. Make sure you're consistently optimizing your homepage for engagement so that you're not unnecessarily losing them to another corner of the internet.

And if you're looking for ideas and clues as to what your patients might expect, swing by local hotels to see what new layouts and techniques they're trying out.

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