On Being the First CDP Purpose-Built for Healthcare

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04/02/2019 in Blog

Today, Healthgrades is launching into the next data frontier and has announced the first customer data platform (CDP) purpose-built for healthcare. Beyond resetting the standard for customer data management in healthcare, what does this new offering mean for your healthcare organization in the near term? 

The Big Data Elephant In the Room
Anyone paying attention to technology topics trending on Twitter knows that data, artificial intelligence, and emerging tech are exponentially gaining in importance. Just considering that nearly 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, most organizations are already behind the curve in organizing and understanding the data available to them… and then there’s healthcare and the unique data created around every healthcare interaction before, during, and after any patient visit.

While health systems and other providers are wrestling with the fact that data exists in multiple places, disjointed and siloed, consumer demand continues to grow for more sophisticated, relevant, and personalized interactions from brands, even healthcare brands. Working to meet consumer expectations with this increasingly complex and only marginally connected set of technologies has compounded healthcare’s data problem. Put simply, this environment isn’t sustainable.

To Boldly Go Where No Point Solution Has Gone Before 
Healthcare provider organizations have always had unique challenges. Building trust with patients, making them feel safe, valued, and motivated to improve their health, is essential to success today. Personalizing these consumer experiences with your organization is the best way to build these loyal relationships. Every touchpoint, from appointment scheduling to post-op care management, from the billing cycle to long-term care needs to be organized, understood, and maintained if you’re to provide a consistent and relevant patient experience on a personal level. 

To tackle these challenges, you need a platform designed to unify data from any number of sources, data that can be ingested in both a structured and unstructured (or lacking schema markup) manner. That platform needs to be able to unify data from multiple user accounts across systems and sources into a single view if you’re going to gain a more holistic view of your patients and consumers. And you need to be able to apply advanced analytics to that data to gain actionable insights around what kinds of communication and experiences to build to support your goals.

The aim of Healthgrades CDP is to not only solve some of these current healthcare-specific challenges around data management and meaningful analysis but also to provide an enterprise platform built to help your organization navigate growing concerns around issues like value based care, voice search, real-time personalization, medical device data, social determinants of health, and beyond. 

Diving into the Deep Learning End 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) models work best when applied to larger datasets. This requires Deep Learning capabilities, which can help your organization understand subtleties in things such as communication channel preference, how to personalize website landing pages more effectively, earlier intervention points for certain conditions, which services and factors best support care management, and more. The AI and deep learning capabilities of the Healthgrades CDP are based on the underlying data management solution and power such technologies as healthcare CRM, marketing automation, and more. These models can also power solutions beyond the marketing department to enable health systems to extend efforts across the organization to improve patient experience and patient engagement.  

These Days, It Takes Computers to Give the Human Touch
The reason we’re here, the reason we’re all paying more attention to data and innovating and measuring and looking for more accountability in process and technology than ever before is for the consumer. Consumer experience has fundamentally transformed healthcare, so it’s time for our approach to evolve. To put the consumer’s needs, interests, and preferences first, to transform marketing campaigns to human-to-human communication, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care for entire populations, we need a solution that allows health systems to capture and learn from data across all touchpoints to create a seamless journey and unified experience. 

With Big Data Comes Great Responsibility
Healthgrades takes privacy very seriously. The Healthgrades CDP treats all data as electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). The system collects, stores, and transmits all ePHI with the rigorous security protocols expected by consumers and required by law. This rigor is essential for a healthcare-specific solution. In this highly competitive CDP market, specialization matters.

No Time Like the Present
As much hype and skepticism as there might be around an emerging technology like CDPs, we know, based on historical trends, they will eventually become the norm. Their sheer ability to enhance CRM and other martech means that they solve a pressing and universal problem for healthcare marketers, data officers, consumer experience officers, and more – your competitors included.

By all estimations, CDPs are the future of technology, meaning they'll be required for healthcare organizations that want to keep up with consumer expectations and competitor pressure. Now's the time to decide if you want to get ahead of the CDP wave, to be a part of the new frontier in data for healthcare organizations.

Read on, to learn more about Healthgrades CDP.