Healthgrades Debuts Latest Enhancements to CRM Including Integration with Salesforce

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09/13/2019 in Blog

As health systems continue to evolve and move towards a more consumer-centric approach, we too are committed to evolving our platforms and embracing new innovations to address a health system’s complex needs. 

Healthgrades is fulfilling the demand for even more advanced features and next-level automation with enhancements across the Healthgrades CRM platform. Focusing on the concepts of open architecture and integration with third-party solutions, these enhancements are designed for health systems who are looking to take the next step in dynamic omni-channel and patient-centric experiences. 

This week, we took a big step forward when we announced that Healthgrades CRM is now  integrated with the Salesforce Platform, connecting with Marketing, Health, Services, and Sales Clouds to deliver powerful insights and accelerate healthcare leader’s efforts to nurture connections at every step of the consumer and patient journey.  

We debuted this new partnership and our latest enhancements at SHSMD Connections, which took place September 8-11 in Nashville. Learn more about Healthgrades CRM and how we partner with health systems.