Five Lessons from Digital Revolution Pioneers that can Bring Innovation to Your Marketing Strategy

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06/21/2018 in Blog

Bringing an innovative approach to marketing can be a difficult challenge throughout the healthcare industry. This can be especially complicated because of changing industry regulations and difficulty obtaining stakeholder buy-in.  

Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators: How a group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution (Simon & Schuster, 2015), learned from pioneers in the digital revolution to discover how innovation really happens.  These 5 lessons can inspire healthcare marketers to create more innovative strategies. 

Innovation is a team sport

In this digital age, many different departments need to work together to successfully accomplish innovation.  Progress doesn't happen when departments are siloed and is only possible when teams come together, collaborate, share ideas, and create sustainable strategies.  

Collaboration doesn’t just happen among contemporaries

According to Issacson, “The best innovators were those who understood the trajectory of technological change and took the baton from innovators who preceded them.”  Significant advances don't happen overnight.  Learn to recognize the importance of incremental improvements and continue building upon them.  Each milestone builds momentum and can inspire continued innovation.  

Combining an array of specialists generates the most productive teams

Know what you do not know and enlist specialists who know a lot in those areas.  These subject matter experts know how to build and implement certain strategies and tactics more effectively and efficiently than those with less knowledge.  By collaborating with subject matter experts across the organization, new ideas, concepts, and strategies will develop.  This also builds credibility and buy-in because each specialist will be able to clearly define the goals and measured ROI.  In addition, this collaboration builds rapport from within and enables a better understanding of each departments strengths and challenges.   

Physical proximity plays an important role

Physical proximity plays an important role in performance.  Social psychologists identified a social influence phenomenon they called "social facilitation".  This theory acknowledges that the mere presence of other people can improve the speed and accuracy of performance on simple tasks but can decrease performance during more complex tasks.  In the digital workplace, this has implications that should be considered for maximum productivity and output.

Leadership can make or break successful innovation

If teams are disenchanted with rigid or indecisive leadership, the motivation and inspiration to innovate will evaporate.  It's important to have a person in charge that enables creative minds to turn their ideas into cutting-edge realities.  Through symbiotic collaborations, innovation is bound to emerge.  

As the digital revolution continues to impact the healthcare industry, the industry would benefit from learning about the breakthroughs created by others and inspiring their teams to create change.