Building a Security-Minded Culture, One Employee at a Time

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06/10/2019 in Blog

As healthcare becomes increasingly data-driven, information security has become a top of mind concern to both consumers and organizations. According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, more than 150 million personal health records have been breached in healthcare related attacks since 2009.

With the increasing influx of patient data, combined with new innovations and advances in IT platforms to store and organize data, including Healthgrades’ own Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP), health organizations now must rethink how they protect patient data against the rise of costly cyberattacks. Add to this the fact that most organizations grapple with balancing funding of security programs with the needs to operate and grow their businesses, we end up in a world where there seems to be no way to defend ourselves.

Fortunately, the most critical aspect in any cyber security approach doesn’t actually require a budget line item, even if it’s not the easiest path to tackle. It starts with the people that work in your building (and remotely). Your company’s culture regarding security and compliance is actually the biggest defense in preventing successful attacks.  Everyone in your organization plays a role, because the most common attacks start with emails, social media and other forms of social engineering, and in some cases, your system is only as strong as your weakest link. Investing in cultural transformation may sound less exciting than implementing new security infrastructure or controls, but spending time with all the teams across the enterprise can lead to tremendous gains.

While building a comprehensive security program certainly isn’t just about culture, and does require proper investment and funding, more security teams are making a tremendous impact by branching out and working across department lines to drive understanding, awareness and provide practical solutions for teams to improve security. Ultimately security teams shouldn’t be nagging guards, but should be business enablers, by preventing the bad guys from causing disruption and accessing consumer data.

Over the past few years, Healthgrades has developed a dedicated security team to ensure that all of our solutions adhere to the highest levels of compliance and are continually being monitored. Just recently, Healthgrades CRM and its underlying data platform received its HITRUST CSF certification. Our approach to reaching this achievement was through teamwork across all departments and through the understanding that security is not a department, it’s a mindset.

Healthgrades serves over 1500 hospitals, with a consumer engagement platform that has been in-market and continuously improved over 3 decades to drive proven ROI and results. Learn more about Healthgrades HITRUST certified solutions, including Healthgrades CRM and the Enterprise Data Platform that powers our CRM and CDP.