Adopting Consumer-Centric Technology to Become a Market Differentiator and Transformation Leader

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02/21/2019 in Blog

Adapting to consumerism has been a focus of hospitals and health systems for over a decade as patients have transformed the provider selection process by researching care and delivery options, gathering information, and making choices that support their personal preferences and needs. Technology is the new front door to healthcare, facilitating these searches and offering ways to conveniently connect. Easy access to care is now an expectation of modern patients, leaving health systems to figure out the best ways to provide a centralized view into their organization, physicians, and services.

Consumers weigh a lot of options when selecting a provider or hospital and the technology that health systems utilize to market themselves and enable access can set the organization apart as a market leader and industry transformer.  As Gartner mentions in their article Hype Cycle for Consumer Engagement with Healthcare and Wellness, 2018, “Healthcare organizations, broadly speaking, have a choice — lead the market and define the transformation, keep pace and participate, or resist it as long as is possible. The choice must be a reflection of a company's strategic business goals, and initiatives should be funded accordingly.”  Learn how to work through the technology lifecycle and assess the potential risks and rewards associated with technology implementation.

In this newsletter by Healthgrades, we break down the Hype Cycle and help you apply it to your strategies so your organization can identify technology solutions that help address consumer needs, such as patient self-scheduling, and understand the market opportunities new technology presents.

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Gartner: Hype Cycle for Consumer Engagement with Healthcare and Wellness, 2018,   Jeff Cribbs, Mark E. Gilbert, 20 July 2018.