4 Ways Patient Data Can Influence Healthcare Marketing

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08/13/2018 in Blog

There are four primary areas where patient data influences healthcare marketing and communications:  Opportunity Identification, Target Audience Development, Message Strategy, and Performance Reporting.  Learn how to use your data to create traction in the market.

Opportunity Identification

An opportunity could be anything from determining the service lines that are prime for growth, to where a new clinic or hospital should be located and which services should be offered.  Your patient data, combined with other data sets such as census data, market demographic data, and search data from Healthgrades.com can provide you with a comprehensive view of your market and organization to help make informed decisions around where to focus resources.  A robust CRM platform takes the heavy lifting and manual labor out of integrating the data and deriving actionable insights.  Read more: Personas and Patient Pathways

Target Audience Development

When determining your target audience, understanding your patients, their relationship with you, their health history, and potential future health needs is critical.  Talking to the right people at the right time increases your marketing efficiency and effectiveness, driving your bottom line. Predictive modeling allows you to better target your audience, so you can allocate your marketing budget to drive the biggest impact.  Read more: Predictive Modeling

Message Strategy

Understanding who you are talking to is just the beginning of patient engagement.  The marriage of science (targeting) and art (creative) happens with the messaging strategy.  Consumers today have accepted that marketers know a lot about them and they expect that information to be used in communications.  Patients of a health system are no different. To cut through the clutter, messages need to be more personalized and relevant than ever.  Using modern technology such as marketing automation and the ability to enable data-driven triggers, the right CRM system can develop and enable strategies to send messages based on risk, need, preference, behavior, etc. to reach consumers at the right time with the right content across multiple channels based on where each individual is along their personal consumer journey. Read more: Personalization

Performance Reporting

Patient data is critical for performance reporting.  Knowing who saw a message or set of messages and tracking their behavior all the way through to conversion and encounter allows you to optimize your messaging strategy along the way and take credit for direct financial impact and ROI – shifting marketing from a cost center to a profit center.  Online activity data, such as Google Analytics, only shows one aspect of reporting. Attempting to manually aggregate that with encounter and financial data can be time-consuming and costly and you may never get a true picture. For example, Healthgrades integrates the data for you and offers reporting for specific Key Performance Indicators to track progress from impression to new patient cost per acquisition and downstream ROI.  Read more: Attribution