2018 Healthcare Marketing Recap

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01/04/2019 in Blog

2018 was a year highlighted by both significant advances in digital technology and a focus on the human connection. To help hospital marketing teams optimize their digital strategies and create meaningful connections with consumers and the community, Healthgrades produced a wealth of content and resources. In this post, we reflect on 2018 and share the most popular articles, topics, and themes.

Most Popular Blog Topic:  Consumer Experience and Insights

Consumer Experience and Insights was the most read category on the Healthgrades Insights blog, with more than 17% more traffic than the 2nd most popular category, Healthcare CRM.  

Most Popular Blog Article: 2018 Healthcare Observances Calendar

Demonstrating an obvious interest in the human connection theme, the 2018 Healthcare Observances Calendar was far and away our most popular blog post of the year.  Care providers use these observances to bring awareness to important causes, promote their capabilities and strengths, and engage the community by recognizing the impact that certain diseases, disabilities, and initiatives can have on individuals and their families.

Planning for this year?  We just released the 2019 Healthcare Observances Calendar.

Topic Most Likely to Continue Into 2019:  The Patient Experience

The patient experience was a common theme throughout many of the events we attended and content we consumed.  As we transition in 2019, we expect that the conversation will continue with healthcare marketers dedicating even more time and resources to technology, strategies, and initiatives that detail the patient journey and reach consumers every step of the way. At HealthShare Symposium 2018, this theme was front and center with keynote speakers and breakout sessions focused on innovating and transforming the patient experience.  

Topics that Made the News

Patient Sentiment

In March, Healthgrades and Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) released the Patient Sentiment Report, an analysis of almost 7 million patient reviews, revealing what patients say about their doctor after an appointment.  

“It’s clear from the data what most people already intuitively know: the patient experience extends deeper and further than the walls of a surgical suite or exam room. Our data corroborates the crucial nature of our members role in the support of the physician-patient relationship through people, process and technology,” said Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, President and CEO of MGMA.  (Read more in the Denver Business Journal)

National Health Index

In October, Healthgrades released the National Health Index, a list of 100 cities “getting healthcare right”.  Healthgrades examined four factors to determine each city’s ranking: access to care, population health, hospital quality, and local specialists.  (See coverage from the Advisory Board here)

As we transition into 2019, we’d like to thank you for your continued readership!  We look forward to providing more high-quality thought-leadership and education in the new year.  If you have specific interests in mind, please sign-up to receive Healthgrades content directly to your inbox or leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see.