Your hospital is leading the way in Women’s Care!

Your hospital is being recognized for superior outcomes in Women’s Care

Your commitment to quality puts you in an elite group of hospitals leading the nation in Women’s Care

Women are an important group of healthcare consumers, serving as the primary influencer and decision maker for the family and accounting for 33.33% more healthcare visits than men.1 Communicating your high-quality performance in Women’s Care has never been more important, as:

  • Women in the U.S. account for nearly 60% of all inpatient healthcare visits
  • The birth rate for women over 40 is increasing

Partner with Healthgrades to promote your outstanding quality to:

  • Differentiate your brand. Use this distinction to stand out in an increasingly consumer-driven marketplace.
  • Understand your performance and competitive position. Identify opportunities to improve and effectively focus your efforts.
  • Drive new patients to your hospital. Acquire and retain the increasingly quality-conscious consumer.
  1. Advisory Board. “2018 Women’s Service Line Market Trends,” May 2018; Service Line Strategy Advisor research and analysis


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